3 Secret Fat Controlling Hormones

Hormones control several activities in the body including melting fat. Too much fat in the body can be a health risk and to most people being fat or flabby is not pleasing at all to them but trust me one can use hormones to control the level of fats in your body.


how to increase leptinLeptin is produced by fat hormones which controls appetite. The higher the leptin level the lower your appetite is and the more the fats get burnt down. The brain can develop leptin resistance due to several factors like stress, lack of enough sleep and intake of unbalanced diet like too many sugars.

How to increase leptin in the body is simple. This can be by taking balanced diet and eating high fibre foods like vegetables and fruits and cutting down on sugar intake.

Secondly on how to increase leptin is by exercise. Exercise burns down fats by increasing fat burning enzymes. Fat cells produce inflammatory chemicals that interfere with the action of leptin hence one will tend to feel hungry which will force you to eat. Exercise will help to burn down fats which interferes with leptin therefore reducing cravings especially for high calories food
Getting enough sleep and reducing stress is another good option on how to increase leptin.


Insulin is produced by pancreas and assists in fats metabolism and carbohydrates regulation. Insulin increases the storage of fats in fats cells. When pancreas detects glucose in the body it releases insulin which takes up the glucose into the cells. Glucose is used for energy and excess stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen. Excess glucose is stored as fats in the fat cells.
High intake of carbohydrates or sugars like junk foods and sugars lead to high level of glucose in the body which will lead to excess fat being stored in the body hence one should avoid taking too much sugar and eat a balanced diet daily to avoid high levels of glucose in the body


Most people eat a lot when under stress, well, this is duo cortisol and serotonin which are produced by adrenal glands. The stress hormones stimulates fats and carbohydrates metabolism for reduction of energy this eventually leads to increased appetite and the end results will be weight gain. Reducing stress is important in controlling levels of fats in the body.

How Leptin Resistance Makes You Over Eat

leptin resistanceLeptin resistance is now believed to be one of the largest reasons why individuals become overweight and stay overweight. When the hormone is properly sending signals to your brain, you will know when you are hungry as well as when to stop eating. Leptin also signals when your body should consume fat cells or store the fat cells for future consumption.

What does Leptin do?

  • Tell brain to stop eating
  • Stop over-eating
  • Encourage people to eat when hungry

Historically, Leptin has been a very important piece in our survival as human beings. Our ancestors who ate too much or too little would be less likely to survive in the harsh environments in which they found themselves. Today, it is becoming more and more common for people to experience Leptin resistance. Individuals with leptin resistance either do not eat enough, eat too much, or carry too much body fat on their bodies.

How is the process supposed to work?

  • Leptin is made by fat cells
  • It’s carried by the bloodstream to the brain
  • The Leptin in the brain “tells” the body how much too eat.

Too much Leptin in the brain should trigger the body to stop eating; too little Leptin should trigger hunger. If the hormone were working properly, obese people would know that they didn’t need to eat as their bloodstream and brain have high levels of Leptin present. Basically, individuals who are Leptin resistant can not properly process the amounts of Leptin in their bloodstream. These Leptin levels in the blood do not properly register in the brain which means that individuals tend to over eat and store more body fat which further increases Leptin resistance.

Several reasons for Leptin hormone resistance have been identified.

These include:

  • Inflammation
  • Free floating fatty acids in the blood
  • Very high levels of Leptin in the blood

If you have high levels of fat present in your body, you may want to consider a diet for those dealing with this hormone resistance. Individuals experiencing this type of resistance should do the following:

  • Avoid processed foods as much as possible
  • Make sure to eat enough fiber daily
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get enough sleep on a daily basis
  • Increase the amount of protein in your diet

By following these points, you may be able to “reset” your hormone receptors in your brain thereby allowing your body to properly process the Leptin in your bloodstream.